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"Handmade" Maths Teaching Resources for Free!

File Comments
Behaviour AgreementModify this behaviour agreement according to the conditions under which your class agrees to behave
Bus TimetableA couple of files to do with bus timetables
Compound InterestA collection of files to do with simple and compound interest. Includes info in young persons' bank accounts.
...days to goA large whiteboard display of how many days to go until the exam
Exams QuestionsA collection of levelled KS3 and GCSE exam questions
KS3 ObjectivesA marix of all the KS3 key can record pupils' progress against each.
Math BiographyPupils describe their mathematical history...a literacy-based task
Maths 'Comedy'A collection of silly pictures and optical illusions.
Math JournalPupils reflect on their learning...a literacy-based task or possible plenary questions
Maths TrailSome sample maths trails to give you ideas for your own
Misc ExcelAll sorts of Excel files!
Misc PPAll sorts of PowerPoint files!
Misc WordAll sorts of Word files!
Presentation SkillsA few files to teach pupils the difference between a good presentation and a bad one
Puzzle SheetA page of puzzles
Random Pupil SelectorLet the computer pick a pupil at random
Signs and TemplatesSome .doc, .pub and .pdf files to help decorate the room, manage behaviour or facilitate learning
Spend A MillionAn idea for an enterprise activity
Starters and BraingymA collection of ideas, resources and activities for starters and braingym
Student-friendly Level DescriptorsLevel descriptors for KS3
SurveyA short survey for year 7s. When you're struggling.
Volume of Canary WharfA lateral thinking exercise
While you are teachingA set of prompts to stick to your desk to guide you. Add your own.
World President filesConvince pupils that there is a new President of the World and then use the files inside. [The premise is that Sheila Powers has dictated that all cars on her island must contain 3 digits that add to equal 10, e.g. 1 4 5. How many permutations are there? 0 is allowed.]

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